The etymology of the name Chaumont, 'Calvus Mons' or "Bare Mountain", refers to the site on which the town was founded in the 10th century - a sheer-side spur of rock overlooking the Suize and Marne Valleys. Feudal in origin and once the residence of the Counts of Champagne whose influence extended over the entire region, the town very quickly took advantage of its strategic location on the borders of Burgundy and Lorraine. A famous treaty was signed here before the Holy Alliance of European sovereigns against Napoleon. Chaumont was also selected by General Pershing in 1917 as the headquarters for Alerican troops in Europe. Once famous for its glovemaking, Chaumont is now best-known for posters thanks to the International Poster and Graphics Festival, a great opportunity to see the Dutailly collection (posters by Toulouse Lautrec, Choubrac etc.) and contemporary works by numerous international graphic designers.